Posted by: mandaleigh | 16th Aug, 2011

A Week in Oxford

From September 17-23, my program is taking me to Oxford University where our classes will be taught there for a week. Up on the menu:

-Served breakfast and lunch in the Great Hall (Harry Potter-induced giggle. Yes, THE Great Hall where they eat breakfast in the movies. The very same. Mhmm.)

-Guided tours of the city

-Accommodations in the dorms

-A formal dinner with the faculty

-Punting on the Isis River (think gondola boats in Venice)

-Visit to Bleinheim Palace, where Sir Winston Churchill was born (pictured to the right)



But something that really catches my eye more than any of the others is FULL access to the infamous Bodleian Library. Uh huh. It’s pretty much like the moment where the Beast unveils the insane library as a present to Beauty.

    And apparently, the library serves as the filming location for the Harry Potter movies (the Hogwarts library and the hospital wing). To an English major, it’s a double whammy. Not to mention, Philip Pullman’s (an Oxford grad) Dark Materials series takes place in Oxford. Who knows, maybe Oxford will inspire me to write the next Pullman-esque best-seller series! I don’t even think I’ll know what to do with myself. Probably stare and drool.

And a formal dinner with the faculty? Sometimes I wonder how I managed to finagle a spot into this program. Rubbing elbows with some of the most distinguished faculty in the world? Actually taking classes in one of the most prestigious universities worldwide? Sigh. I’ll be sure to have people handy to revive me when I inevitably faint.


It all sounds so exciting. Take lots of pictures