Posted by: mandaleigh | 17th Aug, 2011

The Bucket List

(In no particular order)


1. Cook an American dinner on Thanksgiving

2. Get a Brit to Cryp Walk with me

3. Wander the moors and wail “Heathcliff!”

4. Explore Ireland

5. Substantial Hike

6. Rock Oktoberfest

7. Convert a Brit into a Faulkner fanatic

8. Convert an American into an anti–Austen fanatic (yes, come get me Feminists, I don’t like her)

9.  Go to a punk club (they still have those, right?)

10. Learn snippets of a new language (German and French don’t count)

11.Play rugby with the Brits

    12. Learn to love rain

13. Punt on the river

14. Dance a jig with the Irish

15. Jog at least three times a week down the Avon River

16. Start my novel


I cannot wait to see these checked off and hear the stories…:)

Re Bucket List item #10….Gaelic???