Posted by: mandaleigh | 13th Dec, 2011

Sturm und Drang

Ok, so I used a semi-clever title to suck you into a post entirely about….

12. Learn to love the rain

Hey, it was a hard bucket lister to achieve. And my brain is overrun with terms for my Gothic Literature final tomorrow (For all the non-English majors, it means “storm and stress”). So, this week the weather outlook in England is bleak. Surprisingly, the weather’s been amazing the entire time we’ve been here, seeing sun more often than not is not something I expected. But this week a mega storm is hitting. A hurricane tried to stop us from leaving the states back in August, and now storms are trying to stop us from leaving England. Not that I need any encouragement, I’d just as soon stay here straight through winter! Hail storms are expected throughout the week, and we saw a bit of that today.I’ve never seen such temperamental weather! It went from bright and sunny to hail storms back to sun within 10 minutes, throughout the day.

I braved the weather for the weekly dessert run and was so glad I did, although not so glad I didn’t bring a camera. Let me attempt to put this into words. I looked up from the wet streets and saw the most alluring sky I’ve ever seen. To the right of my house was pale blue with wispy, fluffed clouds, typical of a summer day. The buffer zone had smatterings of dark gray, wrapped in tendrils like glow worms. And the left side, down the hill was smeared with soft pink, the kind of pink that adorns a baby girl’s bedroom. All of it looked like someone had gently spread their fingers and diffused all the colors together. And the sun was still out—but only shining on a small area in the pink, which made it look like the skyline behind the church hosted dying embers. I had another hippie moment and just stopped to look at it, my chocolate withdrawal forgotten for the moment. And none of that would have been possible without the storm and intense rains. I officially love the rain. I’ve never seen sunshine give that much color.

Finals are this week, I just had my first one today. They’re all sit-down, closed book essay exams; 2 hours for 2 exams, so nothing too strenuous. I have two tomorrow and my last one Thursday–then I’m officially done for the semester! Our final tea is on Friday, and afterwards the Prior Park ladies have a reservation at (drumroll)….Jamie Oliver’s restaurant! We’ll probably go out for one final Squeeze the Cheese night at PoNaNa (remember, the awesome cheesy music night at the Moroccan club?). I take a bus to Heathrow at 8am on Saturday, my flight is at 4. An 8 our flight. Luckily, I’ll have two ASE-ers on the flight too. I’ll try not to cry when I have to say bye to Bath, but I make no promises! I love this place too much 🙂


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